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Group Therapy Works is dedicated to helping clinicians and patients navigate the offering of various group therapy modalities by our associated clinicians in Ontario, Canada. We believe group therapy is an excellent form of treatment for a variety of psychiatric disorders, especially in complement to other treatment modalities such as medications and other forms of psychotherapy. We strive to centralize the offering of group psychotherapy and hope to make group therapy more accessible to those who would most benefit.

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Group therapy involves meeting regularly with a small group of people and professionally trained group therapist(s) in a supportive and confidential setting. Group therapy has evidence of effectiveness for many conditions. Groups provide an opportunity to share and understand your own experiences and learn from other group members.

You control how much information you share within the group but the more you participate the more you will get out of the group. Feedback and support are some of the many benefits of group therapy.

Groups typically meet weekly but some groups may meet more or less frequently. Group therapy sessions range in duration from 1 hour 15 minutes to 3 hours. Closed groups involved a set list of participants for the duration of the group session. Open groups allow the addition of new group members at different time points over the group sessions. Groups commonly have 12 participants and run over 8 to 16 sessions, but these factors are variable depending on the modality.

The structure and format of the group varies depending on the type of group therapy and may include teaching/education, group support, specific strategies, or exercises. Homework is a feature of some groups. Group members are encouraged and/or expected to practice new skills within and beyond the group setting, depending on the group modality. Other groups are relational in nature and less structured with a focus on understanding interpersonal patterns and improving relationships. Group interactions often parallel interactions in other aspects of life (such as families, school, work) and provide an opportunity to try out new ways of engaging with others.

Group therapy can be combined with individual therapy, family or couple therapy or medications.

Please see the group descriptions regarding the specific nature of the groups being offered at this time.

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