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Please send all past psychiatric history and notes with the referral. By referring the patient, you are agreeing to remain available for individual medical or psychiatric care as required for the duration of the group. Please see exclusion criteria below.

Please indicate on your referral, the NAME OF THE GROUP THERAPY you are referring the patient for. This will help us direct the referral to the appropriate clinician to assess. If you are unsure what type of group therapy your patient would benefit from, please contact us for further information at

Please fax referrals to 416-665-2243.

Download the referral form HERE. If you choose to send a referral letter direct from your EMR it must include all the information from our referral form, otherwise we will return your referral with request for further information. 

Alternatively, you can send a referral through the Ocean eReferral system. Please click here for our Ocean site

Group Exclusion Criteria:

  • Previous difficulty in a group setting

  • Unstable/active psychosis, mania or other serious psychiatric illness

  • Severe depression / anxiety (that would prevent active engagement in group setting)

  • Suicidal preoccupations or self-harm behavior

  • Hospitalization for psychiatric illness within the past 9 months

  • Current or recent alcohol or substance misuse/abuse/dependence

  • Aggression, impulsive behaviour or homicidality

  • Cognitive impairment

  • Current crisis driven picture, severe emotional dysregulation or inability to tolerate distress

  • Inability to commit to attendance or group homework

  • Personality disorders/traits (including borderline) or other factors that would impair group functioning

  • For mindfulness /mindful parenting groups:

    • dissociation or prominent trauma history not previously well treated in a trauma specific therapy (the mindfulness offered is not the same as mindfulness within Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) or a trauma program)

  • Active abuse/violence in relationships, the home or towards a child

Group clinicians are not in a position to actively monitor or manage patient safety or provide urgent care. We are not able to offer individual psychotherapy / psychiatric follow up / medication management or long-term treatment. We do not provide forms or consultation for legal, workman's compensation, disability, or insurance matters.

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